Why are we quality assured ?
Not all fun casino operators are the same.
This is our standard.
Full size roulette wheel s 32 inch. They are the real deal, and look stunning.
Full size casino tables in excellent condition.
Casino chips are 11.5g or 14g in weight.
Public liabilty insurance £5 million.
Croupiers with years of casino experience, many have worked in Mayfair casinos.
Blackjack is dealt with 6 decks of quality cards, from correct card shoes. This is industry standard.
Twenty years in supplying fun casino entertainment to over 1000 clients.
We never use stock photographs of functions. All of our photos are of our own events and equipment. Guests at functions have kindly given permission to use.
Professional service with full support and advice.
A pride in what we do.



Partytime fun casinos


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